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Motivation Monday

Be Stubborn About Your Goals and Flexible with Your Methods More effective than setting a weight goal (something you cannot directly control) is setting behavior goals. Your goals could include meeting your protein goal daily, walking 10,000 steps a day, avoiding added … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday

Stay Determined It’s easy to lose your focus with all of the holiday activities. Be flexible–if your typical exercise schedule isn’t working,  find different ways to work in movement during this busy time. Walk in place or hop on a stationary … Continue reading

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Holiday Activity

It’s important to keep active while you’re prepping for and enjoying the holidays. Include some good cardio or strength training sessions when you can and focus on those holiday activities that get you up and going. Although not the same … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday

Grow Through What You Go Through The changes that occur after weight loss surgery are so much more than the ones the scale shows. Relationships with food change. Relationships with people change. You may feel more confident–more willing to open … Continue reading

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Friday Fitness

What seems impossible today, will one day be your warm-up. Weight loss surgery allows you to reach fitness goals that may have been previously out of reach. As you reduce the burden of extra weight, the possibilities of what your … Continue reading

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