Does having HIV exclude me from having bariatric surgery?

People with HIV/AIDS will have access to the same compassionate and excellent standard of care as any other patient, including a full medical assessment to determine if weight loss surgery is right for him/her. Here's our policy: 

It is the policy of the Hospital not to discriminate against a prospective patient based on a physical or mental disability of that individual where such conduct would violate the ADA or state law.  In particular, the Hospital will not will not deny service to a person with HIV or AIDS absent a determination by that person’s surgeon or other treating physician that bariatric surgery or other medical service would not be medically-appropriate based on current medical knowledge or could not be safely provided at the Hospital given the Hospital’s treatment capabilities.  That determination shall be made solely by the surgeon or other treating physician, exercising his or her independent medical judgment, based upon an individualized assessment of the person’s medical condition, including pre-operative physical examinations and other medical consults.

If a person with HIV or AIDS is admitted to the Hospital, Hospital employees and clinical staff are to treat that person with the same respect and afford him or her the same high quality service as is accorded all other persons being treated at the Hospital.



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