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Barix Clinics is the first healthcare organization in the United States founded specifically to care for and provide treatment of the Morbidly Obese individual more than 30 years ago. Barix Clinics organized and combined the skills and abilities of experienced trained Bariatric surgeons along with acute care hospitals with staff dedicated to caring for the special needs of Bariatric patients. Barix Clinics developed a unique Bariatric surgeon training program and every Barix surgeon regardless of their previous experience in performing Bariatric surgery is required to complete this program. This requirement ensures that every patient can be confident that their Barix surgeon will perform their surgery using the same techniques and protocols which have enabled Barix to compile the best patient safety and outcomes record in the field of Bariatric surgery.

Every Type of Procedure

Barix Clinics offers every form of weight loss surgery that is approved or endorsed by the US government or recognized medical review organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, Medicare, or the American Bariatric Society. Barix Clinics does not recommend surgical procedures for potential Bariatric patients that not approved by such independent bodies of medical experts. Over the last 40 years of Bariatric Surgery history there have been many individual surgeons who have believed and claimed that their surgery (often named for themselves) produce superior benefits, Barix Clinics reviews and evaluates all of these claims and offers all of the leading options for weight loss surgery. Barix Clinics only offers procedures that independent statistics demonstrate patient safety and actual long term weight loss outcomes. Patient safety and long term weight loss is the number one priority of Barix Clinics.

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