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“I credit Barix Clinics with my success. I chose Barix Clinics because Barix surgeons and staff are specialized. I felt that I was thoroughly informed of all my options and every question was answered. I am glad I chose Barix.” --Dina M.

Unlike other hospitals that began offering bariatric surgery as one of their surgical service lines, because a general surgeon who practiced at the hospital decided to begin performing bariatric surgery, Barix Clinics spent years developing its comprehensive care program and selecting and training the entire team of people needed to provide the best bariatric care possible. The bariatric surgeons at Barix Clinics are specialists who are dedicated to bariatric surgery. The Barix Quality program is based upon having internal medicine physicians who complete required testing on every bariatric patient prior to surgery, to assure that every patient meets Barix’s stringent medical clearance requirements. These internists have developed special diagnostic and post-surgical assessment skills which serve as a major benefit in the care of post -operative bariatric patients. In addition to developing the unique surgeon training program, Barix focused on all the other physicians, nurses, technicians, nutritionists and staff required to deliver a level of service to the bariatric patient that no other healthcare organization had ever come close to providing. This team approach recognized that every member of the team must not only have superior clinical skills but must be committed to superior outcomes and service excellence. The Barix Team Approach to Bariatric Care 

“Surgery has changed everything in my life, all for the better.” – Sheri R.


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