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Gastric Bypass Surgery

What is gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the different types of weight loss surgery — known collectively as bariatric surgery.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Diagram Also known as Roux-en-y (pronounced roo-en-why) surgery and Roux-en-y gastric bypass, it involves modifying the stomach and digestive system to limit the intake of food. More specifically, a small pouch is made from the upper portion of the stomach. Then the small intestine is bypassed to connect to both the pouch and remaining portion of the stomach, creating a ‘Y’.

Limiting the size of the stomach reduces the amount of food you can eat at one time, and also reduces the amount of ghrelin – the hunger hormone – present in your stomach. In addition, the first part of the small intestine is bypassed – leading to less absorption of the food you do eat. And if you eat the wrong things – such as too much sugar or fatty foods – an unpleasant feeling called the ‘dumping syndrome’ occurs due to the bypass. This leads to the loss of between 60-80% of excess weight — that is, if you take the steps required to ensure post-surgery weight-loss success (more on this later).

With the above in mind, gastric bypass surgery can be an effective tool to help you shed unwanted pounds and regain control of your eating.

My experience was wonderful…After surgery, I did know that for the first time in seven years I felt relief and knew I could have help to change my life.
Tammy L.

What are the benefits of gastric bypass surgery?

The benefits of Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery are wide-ranging and depend on your unique situation. For example, benefits can include better control over hunger and sugar intake. You may have lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar. The risk of serious, obesity-related illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer are reduced.

Gastric bypass surgery can help provide long-term control of type 2 diabetes, and less dependence on medication — or the elimination of medication altogether. You may also enjoy the elimination of back and joint pain, decreased depression, improved breathing and increased energy.

Our gastric bypass patients often have improved self-image, increased self-confidence and the satisfaction that comes from enjoying a wider range of activities with friends and loved ones.

Real Results: Dee S.

“I can’t explain the sadness in my heart when I think about what I was missing in my life. Life was a spectator sport for me. Now I am HAPPY in my own skin. This is most certainly the best gift I have ever given myself.”

Am I eligible for gastric bypass surgery?

If you’re struggling with obesity, gastric bypass surgery can deliver life-changing benefits. But it’s not for everyone.

To begin, your BMI (body mass index), which measures the ratio of your height to your weight, generally needs to be 40 or higher. However, if your BMI is between 35-39, you may also be a candidate if you experience health conditions associated with severe obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

To check your BMI, use this calculator.

The best way to determine if the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure is for you is to meet with one of our experienced bariatric surgeons. You may have questions first, though, so contact us and a Barix specialist will be in touch to discuss your options.

Why choose Barix Clinics?

As with any weight loss surgery, gastric bypass is not without risks. To ensure the best possible outcome, you want a highly experienced team with an established track record of patient satisfaction — like Barix Clinics.

Barix’s network of bariatric hospitals brings you:

  • 25 years of bariatric surgery experience
  • Dedicated medical professionals rigorously trained in the latest weight loss surgery techniques
  • Extensive pre-surgery consultation support (all of your questions answered!)
  • A welcoming facility staffed by thoughtful, caring bariatric specialists
  • Spacious, comfortable, private rooms, designed to meet the physical requirements of the bariatric patient
  • A personal bariatric program customized to meet your needs
  • Post-surgery follow ups, including support groups online and in person designed to help you adjust to the new you
  • The relief that comes from being cared for by a team that understands – and even anticipates your needs as a bariatric patient

Barix Clinics has performed over 50,000 bariatric procedures – more than any other bariatric program. And Barix Clinics’ Michigan location was recently recognized as the safest hospital in the nation for bariatric surgery!

To meet the highest possible standards of care, Barix Clinics employs experienced, board-certified physicians and highly qualified specialists who understand what a struggle it can be to lose more than 100 pounds of excess weight. They understand the pain, frustration, and isolation that can accompany the seemingly endless weight loss cycle of lose and gain, lose and gain.

Barix Clinics offers a comprehensive treatment program, because losing weight and keeping it off after gastric bypass depends on taking the steps required to ensure weight loss success. Follow up care, support groups, and access to a nutritionist whenever you need help are part of the program.

Throughout, experts are available to educate, answer questions and help you make the right decision. From preparing for surgery to planning nutritious meals to dealing with reactions from friends and relatives, Barix Clinics is there to guide and assist.

Barix will also provide you with a free copy of The Guide to Good Health, which helps ensure you transition to a happy and healthy lifestyle after your procedure. This informative handbook is designed to help you make the choices that lead to sustained weight loss success.

A better, safer, gastric bypass experience

Real Results: Mary Ann M.

“Barix specializes in the surgery I want and I want an expert taking care of me. Why would I choose anybody other than a specialist? I had to choose people I felt confident with. Because of my diabetes I wanted people who knew what they were doing.”

Real Results: Kim M.

“I struggled with weight issues all of my life. Up and down, up and down seemed to be the way I would live forever. Everything has changed. I find it very easy to be me and lose weight at the same time.”

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off, eliminate obesity-related health issues, be supported by caring specialists before, during and after surgery, connect with others who know what you’re going through and want you to win, and embrace life like never before?

How much does gastric bypass surgery cost?

Fortunately, given the growing concern over the health risks of obesity, many insurers today cover the gastric bypass surgery. And, to make your gastric bypass procedure as stress-free as possible, Barix offers assistance gaining approval from your insurance company. Further, Barix provides a variety of surgery financing options through CareCredit. To find out more, click here.

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