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Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Just as each person has a unique process toward deciding to undergo surgery, the cost of bariatric surgery is different for each person. Your medical history and insurance coverage impact the cost for you. Additionally, the surgery itself will have a different cost depending on your surgery. The cost of lap band surgery and the cost of gastric bypass surgery differ because of different surgery lengths and materials needed for surgery. Please contact us today. We can help walk you through the process of finding out the expected cost of bariatric surgery for you.

When you contact us you will have a short phone interview with our patient service representative who will schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons. Our specialty surgeons will teach you about different procedures, help you determine which procedure is right for you, and also write a report for your insurance company. We provide you a dedicated insurance expert who will help you understand your insurance benefits. They will not only help you estimate your out of pocket cost for surgery, but will also assist you in the insurance approval process by contacting your insurance provider and making the necessary arrangements for payment. Our specialists can also let you know about self-payment options for surgery.

Cost of Obesity

The cost of bariatric surgery pales in comparison to the long-term emotional and monetary costs of obesity. Missing out on family events, opportunities, or everyday tasks due to obesity-related health problems are emotional costs you don’t have to pay. Below are a few ways that bariatric surgery may decrease these costs in your daily life.

Financial cost

The financial cost of bariatric surgery for patients is gradually decreasing. For many patients, the cost of gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery is covered by insurance policies. The cost of lap band surgery is also covered under many policies. If your insurance company doesn’t cover surgery, our insurance specialists can help you understand your other options for paying for bariatric surgery. Click here to learn more about insurance coverage for bariatric surgery.

Reduced chronic diseases

Chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes, can be expensive to manage. According to the American Diabetes Association, weight loss surgery can resolve morbidly obese individuals’ type 2 diabetes. Dealing with these health conditions can prevent you from fully participating in activities and also leave you with a reduced quality of life. These serious health problems and risk of death from diabetes complications decline significantly after surgery. In fact – insulin levels often return to normal within days after surgery.

Prescription costs

Many of our patients leave the hospital free of some medications they were taking prior to surgery, particularly insulin and blood pressure medication. In the long run, many patients no longer require such a large number of medications.

Having weight loss surgery with Barix was the absolute best decision I have ever made.

I don’t think there is a diet I haven’t tried. I took prescription and OTC diet pills.

Be ready for a whole new life!
Mary H.

Short recovery time

The time necessary for recovery from modern laparoscopic bariatric surgery is much shorter than most people expect. The majority of patients can leave Barix Clinics within a few days of surgery. With a short recovery period you are able to return to everyday life at a much quicker pace.

Dieting costs

Most patients come to us following years attempting to lose weight by other means. Whether they are trying fad diets or expensive custom food plans, the cost of trying one method after another to lose weight is a significant financial investment that is made more frustrating by the lack of results. Studies have shown that many obese individuals are unable to reach and maintain a healthy weight without the tool of weight loss surgery. While the cost of lap-band surgery or the cost of gastric bypass surgery may at first seem more expensive than dieting plans, in the long-run the savings of not moving from diet to diet can make a big difference in your finances.

Practical costs

Many patients tell us about the impact of obesity on their daily lives. Activities like shopping for clothes can result in expensive bills or embarrassment from shopping in plus-size clothing stores. Patients describe the frustration of needing seatbelt extenders or flying first class in order to fit in seats while traveling. Other patients find themselves limiting their travel. Following surgery many patients find new freedom in their activities, ranging from a new ease in finding clothing in stores to the ability to go to amusement parks with their children.

The cost-effectiveness of bariatric surgery for you and your family is something that you can find more about by reaching out to our patient service representatives and reading the patient stories on the left panels of this page.

“I have always been overweight.  I was a chubby kid, a fat teenager, and an obese adult. Each year my health got worse as my weight increased.  I had severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, asthma, bad knees, ankles and my back would ache from walking across the building at work.  I put my life on hold- refusing to travel for fear of not “fitting” into the plane or not being able to walk or climb stairs.” 

“I had gastric bypass surgery and my life has changed 100%.  In a mere two months, I was able to stop blood pressure meds.  My asthma is well under control, in fact, I’ve only used my inhaler twice in the last year.  My sleep apnea has improved and my life is full!” –Monica A.

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