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First in Bariatric Care.

“When you are in a hospital, you are geared more toward being a victim. Barix patients aren’t victims. We are here because we want to be and are highly motivated.” — Melissa D.

Barix Clinics Rated Number 1 in Patient Outcomes Data

Barix Clinics has performed more surgeries than any similar organization in the United States. All patient outcome statistics are tracked and analyzed using an integrated, computerized patient outcomes tracking system. Independent healthcare quality groups have compiled multiple years of this patient data and their published conclusions show that the Barix Clinics weight loss surgery program has the best patient outcomes by a significant margin over every other program. In addition, over this time period patient complication ratios have improved significantly as a result of the new ideas and techniques developed by Barix Clinics and their bariatric specialists.

Barix Clinics Offers Every Type of Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

Barix Clinics offers every form of weight loss surgery that is approved or endorsed by the US government or recognized medical review organizations such as the National Institute of Health, Medicare, or the American Bariatric Society. Barix Clinics does not recommend surgical procedures for potential bariatric patients that are not approved by such independent bodies of medical experts. Over the last 40 years of bariatric surgery history there have been many individual surgeons who have believed and claimed that their surgery (often named for themselves) produces superior benefits.  Barix Clinics reviews and evaluates all of these claims and offers all of the leading options for weight loss surgery. Barix Clinics only offers procedures that emphasize patient safety and that have long-term success with weight loss, as demonstrated by independent statistics. Patient safety and long-term weight loss are top priorities for Barix Clinics.

Barix Clinics is the Most Experienced Organization in the US

With 30 years’ experience and more than 50,000 patient surgeries performed, Barix Clinics is the most experienced hospital providing bariatric surgery in America. Weight loss surgery is not the best solution for every person suffering from obesity, and the professional team of bariatric experts at Barix Clinics is committed to helping each individual determine the best option for his or her personal medical condition. Barix has learned from the thousands of patients we have cared for over the last 30 years and the program offered today incorporates the comments and recommendations these patients have made. That is why the Barix Clinics program for weight loss surgery is consistently rated as the best in the nation in terms of patient care. 

“I have been a nurse for 25 years and I can say without a doubt that I received the best care possible at Barix Clinics.” –Sandra B.

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