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Barix Clinics Surgical Center

Are they all the same?

Barix surgical safety has been rated in the top 1% by independent studies year after year.

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Can Surgery Save You Money?

Bariatric surgery with Barix Clinics may cost you less than you think and possibly save you money...starting right away.

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A Higher Quality of Life

What does it mean to you?

Are you looking to live your life to its full potential, the way you dream it can be?

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Barix Commits

Our Promise has been the Barix mission statement since 1992
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Barix Cares

No other health care organization will focus on you the way Barix will.
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Barix Achieves

Inspiring stories and insights on how Barix Clinics is changing lives.

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Barix Connects

Become part of our supportive community of people.  Have a look!

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America's Leader in Bariatric Surgery is in Southeast Michigan

Weight loss surgery isn’t for everyone, and it’s a decision that requires lifelong commitment to healthy living. But for adults who remain severely obese even after trying non-surgical approaches, and for individuals with disease linked to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure or heart disease, bariatric surgery may be the best path forward. Most important, anyone who is severely obese should feel comfortable contacting Barix Clinics for their weight loss surgery, since Barix Clinics has 20 years of experience compassionately treating severely overweight individuals. The fact is, bariatric surgery can dramatically improve overall health, enhance quality of life and lower mortality rates for patients with severe obesity. If your weight is jeopardizing your health, you deserve all the facts. Barix Clinics is the best place to start your journey and get your questions answered. We offer more experience with bariatric procedures than any general hospital, yet we also offer highly personalized care programs that large general hospitals can’t provide. That combination of advantages makes us one of the most trusted providers of bariatric surgery in the industry, with the best track records for both patient safety and outcomes. Our medical staff is simply the best in the field. Our surgeons – who have the most advanced training in weight loss surgery techniques – must complete our rigorous training program. Our high standards and peer reviews ensure consistency in surgical practices and protocols across our hospitals - and peace of mind for every patient we serve. See if bariatric surgery is right for you – start your new life today!

135 S. Prospect St. | Ypsilanti, MI 48198 | 734-547-4700