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Connect with your new Barix family. 

“The best part of my post-op experience has been the great support received at the support groups.” –Andy K.

As a member of the Barix family, you will never feel alone again.
You will be welcomed into an exclusive club--a community of other Barix patients who, like you, are putting their former obese lives behind them.  You'll connect with hundreds of new friends through the Barix Clinics Connection website.  You'll be part of other support networks too. And you’ll be invited to attend meetings where you actively participate in uplifting discussions, experiences, recipe exchanges, and personal encouragement. Many other features in the Barix Support program await you as well.

One of the most important things that this surgery has afforded my my "Barix family." The friendships and bonds I have made through the Barix support boards have made me feel so important and cherished.” –Joani B. 



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