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Over 50,000 patients have had successful bariatric surgeries at Barix Clinics and every patient has unique successes from weight loss surgery. From patients who are cured of diabetes to parents who can now play with their children, the benefits are different for each person.

On this page we have links to patients' bariatric surgery success stories in their own words. You can read a short summary of their stories on this page or you can click on the story to read more.

Tammy W.

"Before surgery I was very tired and I had no energy. I had very high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. My doctor told me that I wouldn't see my fourteen-year-old daughter graduate from high school. I was depressed about my size and lifestyle, so I did the only thing that made me feel better...I ATE."

Tammy's weight had affected her health to such a degree that her life was threatened. She decided to take control of her health through bariatric surgery. Gone is the high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome and she was right there to celebrate her daughter's graduation. Read more of Tammy's weight loss surgery success story by clicking on her picture.

Tammy W's gastric bypass surgery success story

Jennifer C.

"I'm a mother of two little ones with a lot of energy and I couldn't keep up. My husband even hired caretakers to come help out with my kids when he was at work. After surgery I run and jump and play so much with both my kids they have to keep up with me now."

As a young mother Jennifer found herself struggling to keep up with and even take care of her two children because of her weight. After surgery Jennifer found new energy when playing with her children and a closer marriage. Read more of Jennifer's weight loss surgery success story by clicking on her picture.

Jennifer C.  bariatric surgery surgery story

Jamie D.

"Although I was only 24 when I had the surgery, my extra weight was already beginning to take a toll on my health. My blood pressure and cholesterol were elevated. I had problems with my back. I knew these problems were just going to get worse. [After surgery] I look in the mirror and I can't believe it's me. I'm so much happier and healthier."

At 24 Jamie found herself dealing with weight-related health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and back pains, that she knew would get worse as she aged. More than 110 pounds* later Jamie no longer deals with health problems and has found new confidence in herself. To read more about Jamie's weight loss surgery success story and all the changes in her life, click on her image.

Jamie D. gastric bypass  success

Nicole C.

"I was heavy my entire life. Over the years I am sure that I spent over $10,000 on weight loss programs and special foods-all with no results. I was tired, limited in my physical activity, and intolerant of the summer heat. After surgery there are so many changes. I feel better about myself. I am happier. Just not feeling pain makes a bit difference."

No matter what Nicole tried to lose weight, from excessive exercise to medically supervised low-calorie diets, she seemed permanently stuck at 285 pounds. These efforts were made frustrating by the pain and exhaustion she experienced every day. After surgery she not only lost the weight she had been trying to lose for years, she doesn't experience everyday pain and exhaustion. To read more about the changes Nicole C. found in her life and her bariatric surgery success story, click on her image.

Nicole C. gastric  bypass story

Danny W.

"At 368 pounds I took 17 medications a day, had congestive heart failure, and was hospitalized with pneumonia four times in a year. There were so many things that I didn't feel up to doing with my family. I just didn't feel healthy. Now the 17 meds that I took before surgery are history. I don't take any!"

Danny found his health failing and he wanted to live longer for his family. He had tried dieting in the past and while he always lost weight, the same weight and more always came back again. After surgery he is not only healthier, he finds himself able to compete with younger people for jobs, spending more time with his family, and trying new things like rollerblading that he never thought he could do pre-surgery. Read more of Danny's personal weight loss surgery success story by clicking on his picture.

Danny W. gastric bypass  success

Dee S.

"I can't explain the sadness in my heart when I think about what I was missing in my life. Life was a spectator sport for me. Now I am HAPPY in my own skin. This is most certainly the best gift I have ever given myself."

Dee found her weight limiting what she could do with her daughter or at her job. Her childhood dream was to sing professionally, but she found herself uncomfortable with people focusing on her weight. After surgery she is performing with a band again and has found new confidence in the work she does. Click on Dee's picture to read more of Dee's bariatric surgery success story.

Jamie D. gastric bypass  success

Michael R.

"I don't know a single diet I haven't been on. I have probably lost and gained over 1000 pounds in my life. I'd lose 60, gain 80. That was my whole life. I call the surgery a miracle. It's changed my life completely. People say I act 15 years younger. I am 100% more happy and satisfied with myself."

Michael struggled with overeating his entire life. No matter what diet system he tried, he seemed unable to keep his weight off in the long run. He had gotten used to accepting his weight at 250 pounds, then 300 pounds, and found himself looking at 400 pounds. After surgery Michael has found enjoyment in changes like being able to climb a ladder to hang Christmas lights and having energy after work. To read more of Michael's weight loss surgery success story, click on his picture.

Jamie D. gastric  bypass success

Matthew D.

"My life before surgery was a constant battle. I had been obese since childhood and by the time I was a senior in college I weighed nearly 450 pounds. I will never forget the first time I was able to walk into a clothing store and buy something off the rack. It was thrilling. Going from 3XXX to a small is unthinkable logically but I did it, thanks to Barix."

Matthew struggled with his weight from childhood. By college he was dealing with obesity-related anxiety, sleep apnea, and pre-diabetes. Everyday interactions like leaving the house and interacting with friends became a struggle. Following his surgery Matthew has found a passion for fitness and new social confidence. Click on his picture to find out more about Matthew's bariatric surgery success story.

Jamie D. gastric  bypass success

Kim M.

"I struggled with weight issues all of my life. Up and down, up and down seemed to be the way I would live forever. Everything has changed. I find it very easy to be me and lose weight at the same time."

Kim dealt with weight issues and junk food cravings her entire life. They increased once she quit smoking. A friend's weight loss success following bariatric surgery inspired Kim to take control of her own obesity. To find out more about Kim's weight loss surgery success story, click her picture.

Jamie D. gastric bypass  success

Mary Ann M.

"Barix specializes in the surgery I want and I want an expert taking care of me. Why would I choose anybody other than a specialist? I had to choose people I felt confident with. Because of my diabetes I wanted people who knew what they were doing."

Mary Ann knew that her Type 2 diabetes and the bad circulation in her legs could lead to needing her legs amputated. No matter what diabetic medications her doctors gave her, they all just caused more weight loss. After her bariatric surgery Mary Ann not only lost more than 100 pounds*, she is no longer diabetic. To read more about Mary Ann's bariatric surgery success story, click her picture.

Jamie D. gastric  bypass success

Haith J.

"I hated being trapped inside a fat body. I knew there was more to life than what I was settling for. It has been 10 years since my surgery and I am so thankful for the new life that I have. I am no longer limited by my weight."

Haith found her health growing increasingly worse and her ability to participate in her favorite activities decreasing as she grew heavier. After her bariatric surgery she found new joy in her active lifestyle and even opened three new businesses. If you want to read more about Haith's weight loss surgery success story, click on her picture.

Jamie D. gastric bypass  success

*Results may vary

Ryan S.

"I don't have to worry about breaking chairs, sitting in restaurant booths or fitting on a toilet. I no longer sweat profusely while standing in place. Everything is much better with weight loss and being healthy!"

Before surgery Ryan would stay home because he was self-conscious and embarrassed about his weight. He would try to cover his weight with clothing. After surgery Ryan's confidence has increased and he can now go out without worrying about breaking chairs or fitting into restaurant booths. To read more of Ryan's bariatric surgery success story, click on his picture.

Ryan S. gastric sleeve  surgery success story

Stacey M.

"Life before surgery was full of hopelessness. I couldn't keep with my twin girls. There is nothing I can't do now and I live that attitude every day. I'm active and exercise daily."

Stacey worried that she couldn't keep up with her twin girls or do things she wanted to do, particularly riding her horse. She was attending a university for Equestrian Studies, but couldn't make a career working with horses or even ride her own horse with her weight out of control. After surgery she feels there is nothing she cannot do. For more of Stacey's weight loss surgery success story, click on her picture.

Stacey M. gastric  sleeve story

*Results may vary

Gary C.

"I was getting more and more depressed and more and more ashamed of my lifestyle. I have been heavy most of my life, but now it was a very serious health issue. I now have regained the confidence I had lost and now I have a bright future to look forward to."

Gary's health had deteriorated to the point that he had almost maxed out on the pressure his sleep apnea machine could give him. He worried he wouldn't live long enough to enjoy his retirement. After surgery he is officially free of sleep apnea and is looking forward to his future with his wife and grandkids. If you want to read more of Gary's bariatric surgery success story, please click on his picture.

Gary C. lap band surgery  success story

*Results may vary
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