Financing for Bariatric Surgery

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There’s a lot to consider when you’re crafting your plan for bariatric surgery. You have to make a lot of personal decisions as you prepare for this journey! Who’s going to perform your procedure? What kind of patient care will you need before and after your bariatric surgery? Who will support you as you adjust to your new lifestyle?

We can help. You won’t be making these tough decisions alone. Barix Clinics is the top-rated bariatric provider in the United States. We are the nation’s most experienced hospital network for bariatric surgery. We offer every form of weight loss surgery approved or endorsed by the National Institute of Health, Medicare and the American Bariatric Society, among others. We will help you choose the option that’s right for you. 

There’s a whole team behind your success at Barix Clinics. We’ll provide your pre-surgical medical exam. We’ll help you communicate with your insurance company and walk you through the pre-approval process if necessary. You’ll enjoy private post-operative recovery in your own hospital room, learn healthy habits in our nutritional counseling sessions, check in with our medical staff to monitor your success and embrace the positivity of our support group meetings.

Our patients receive the full spectrum of care before, during and after your bariatric surgery. We’ll help see you through — and that includes working with one of two financing companies specializing in medical financing options if required.

How to Pay for Bariatric Surgery

As with any medical procedure, we encourage you to first check with your health insurance carrier to see if they cover bariatric surgery. Ultimately it is your responsibility to understand your health insurance benefits. 

However, as a courtesy to our patients, we have a team of Insurance Representatives on staff to help you find this information. After you have attended an initial consultation, expect a phone call from us within a week to discuss your health insurance benefits and any requirements for pre-approval.

What happens if you have a high “out of pocket” responsibility? Don’t be discouraged! Your health is worth the investment. Many of our patients turn to the following options to help them cover those costs:

CareCredit: A tool for financing your bariatric surgery

Every patient is different. While some individuals can cover the cost of their bariatric surgery in full or with an insurance plan, many require other bariatric surgery financing options. 

If you need help covering the costs of your bariatric surgery, consider CareCredit.

What is CareCredit? CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health, beauty and wellness needs. Many of our patients will use CareCredit to cover the costs associated with their bariatric surgery. Like any other credit card, you’re able to knock out your bariatric surgery financing with convenient monthly CareCredit payments.

What procedures qualify for CareCredit? You can use CareCredit to finance your bariatric surgery. You can also use CareCredit for non-surgical treatments, in-office procedures and product purchases. There is also special deferred interest weight loss surgery financing available for transactions $200 and above.

How do I get CareCredit? If CareCredit seems like the right fit for you, you can apply on our websites at or or go directly to CareCredit at

Alphaeon Credit Card: Another gastric bypass financing option

Healthcare is not one-size-fits-all! What’s right for a friend or family member may not work for you. That’s why we offer the latest innovations in minimally invasive laparoscopic Roux en-y gastric bypass, lap band and laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgeries. 

We also understand that financing bariatric surgery can be different for everyone, too. That’s why we offer our patients the Alphaeon credit card.  You can apply on our website at or or go directly to Alphaeon at

What’s Alphaeon? The Alphaeon credit card is another financing option that offers a wide array of monthly payment options to help reach your health, beauty and wellness goals. You can also use the credit card for non-surgical options with no reapplication, process or other additional fees.

What are Alphaeon’s perks?

Alphaeon lets you finance your bariatric surgery financing with these real benefits:

  • Wide credit range. You can apply for loans for any bariatric, reconstruction or plastic surgery procedure you’re considering from $1,000 up to $40,000.
  • Low monthly payments. Loan options for up to 60 months — five years, for those who hate math! — will ensure that your monthly payment fits your budget.
  • Low-interest rates. Alphaeon’s low-interest rates start at 2.99 percent for zero interest if paid in full within the timeframe of 6, 12 or 18 months.  You’ll also get a fixed interest rate so your payment never changes for 23, 36, 48 or 60 months at 14.99 fixed APR.
  • Deferment options. You can defer your payments with Alphaeon — but keep in mind that if you choose an interest-free deferred loan for 6 to 12 months, the balance must be paid in full at the due date.
  • Peace of mind. There are no prepayment penalties. You’ll also be able to apply and use your funds immediately.

Interested in Alphaeon? That’s great! We should note that when you use the Alphaeon card for surgical procedures, you can only use it towards our hospital charges. You can’t use Alphaeon for items like professional physical fees or anesthesia billing. 

If Alphaeon seems like a good fit for your gastric bypass financing needs, complete an application by going to Alphaeon’s website

What if bariatric surgery is excluded from my health insurance policy?

If your health insurance won’t cover bariatric surgery, they won’t cover it anywhere. Barix Clinics hospitals are specialized exclusively to the bariatric patient, resulting in the lowest complication rates and best outcomes. 

We do offer cash payment options that includes all hospital facility services for your surgery:

  • pre-admission testing
  • anesthesia
  • radiology
  • laboratory
  • pathology
  • respiratory therapy
  • nutritional therapy and consultations
  • durable medical equipment 
  • pharmacy services
  • All follow up diagnostic tests required in the first 30 days after initial discharge

Please ask for the manager at your initial consultation to review your cash pay options, so we can set up a personalized plan your situation.  

Make bariatric surgery a reality.

You shouldn’t have to live with morbid obesity because you’re concerned about the cost. Your health is your top priority — and ours, too. 

Barix Clinics can provide you with the weight loss surgery financing you need to improve your quality of life. To learn more about the procedure from the best bariatric surgeons in the industry, contact us today.      

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