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Barix Clinics vs. a General Hospital

Barix Cares Like You Are Family 

At Barix Clinics every patient is cared for like they are a member of our family. Unfortunately in most hospitals, especially the larger medical centers, patients are treated as if they are just a number in a very impersonal clinically detached manner. Barix Clinics was founded upon the belief that every patient should be treated as more than a VIP, but as if they are a part of our family. In fact over the last 30 years, patients attend annual reunions so they can share their success with Barix staff in losing weight and starting a new life because of the care they received from the Barix staff. Many Barix staff members are former Bariatric patients and they understand your concerns prior to surgery and also the changes that occur after surgery.

Barix Clinics a Program Like No Other 

When the NIH Consensus Statement was published in 1992, they stated that more than surgery was required but a comprehensive treatment was recommended. While this recommendation was frequently overlooked, Barix Clinics decided to focus on providing the most comprehensive program possible and for the last 30 years, Barix has continued that focus. For the last 30 years Barix Clinics has continued to serve every Bariatric patient we have treated. In fact Barix has many times been asked to care for patients who had surgery at other hospitals that either didn’t provide the care they needed or the hospital no longer offered Bariatric surgery because they are now focusing on the latest medical fad. At Barix we know that services such as nutritional counseling, support groups, medical follow-up, other surgery and nutritional testing will be needed years after surgery. Barix even has a program to help patients who may have gained weight but don’t want to have the same problems that led them having Bariatric Surgery years earlier. Barix can provide the kind of programs others do not offer because Barix specializes in Bariatric surgery and Barix performs many more surgeries than general hospitals that only perform a small number of surgeries each year can offer.

Many of the Barix Family of Bariatric Patients are healthcare professionals themselves and their healthcare experience allows them to have a special ability to compare and evaluate other Bariatric programs versus the Barix Clinics program. As a nurse, Sandra B. said. “As a former operating room nurse I felt I knew a lot about bariatric surgery, but I did my research anyway. I looked at several programs in the area and decided that Barix was the program with the most comprehensive patient care including both pre-operative and post-operative support.”

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