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"Everyone asks me the 'true test' question:  Would you do it again, knowing what you do now?  And my answer is, "I'd do it again today!" Don't wait any longer to get your life back!" –Carina P. 

To ensure you achieve the long-term success you deserve as a weight loss surgery patient, you may want to compare your options. The following chart will help you compare what Barix offers with what other programs offer. To help you even further, we've checked the Barix column in advance. This is not overconfidence on our part. It's a testimony to the success of a patient-focused program that has made us the leading choice for bariatrics for 30 years and counting.  

  Barix Others
Extensive experience? Yes ?
Comprehensive program? Yes ?
Exclusive focus on bariatric surgery? Yes ?
Initial consultation and careful screening process? Yes ?
Assistance with insurance pre-approvals? Yes ?
Board-certified, specially-trained surgeons? Yes ?
Facilities dedicated to comfort for the obese? Yes ?
Dedicated, trained nursing staff? Yes ?
Comprehensive educational program? Yes ?
Follow-up care? Yes ?
Patient website? Yes ?
Support groups? Yes ?
A team of specialists focused on your care? Yes ?

For more details on these benefits and answers to any other questions you may have, we invite you to contact a Barix Clinics Patient Service Representative today.

A Second Opinion that Could Change Your Life.  
Second opinions are common, even required, for most serious medical conditions.  If you have consulted a doctor in the past about obesity, why not schedule a consultation with a bariatric surgeon and get another opinion about your weight loss options? At Barix Clinics, you'll be consulting with a physician who has an extensive track record of successfully treating weight problems.  

"Barix Clinics was great! They helped me to overcome and face my fears about the surgery. The nurses were excellent and encouraging with kind words. My life has changed for the better. I can run, my joints don't hurt every time I climb the stairs and my energy is higher."    -- Yoanila B.
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