Caryn G. - My Story

Gastric Bypass  |  2016

My Life Before Surgery

Life before surgery was difficult.  I have three young daughters, and in 2015 found myself a divorced, single parent with little energy, and was pretty much miserable. My weight was the highest it had ever been.  


I couldn't keep up with my infant or my toddler and I was just watching my oldest grow up without really being actively involved. My sleep was horrible; something was always sore.

Making the Decision

I had read about weight loss surgery and done the research for years.  I knew all about it --but never did any more than that- -thought about it.

My youngest daughter had to have tubes in her ears and she was scheduled at Forest Health Medical Center. There was plenty to read about Barix while I waited and I figured it was sign.

I went to a Saturday info session with Dr. Nunn and knew this is what I needed to do.  

I was pretty sure I had wanted the bypass --it just seemed right to me.  It had long-term proven results; it was permanent and not something I could "go back from" if I changed my mind. It required a whole lifestyle change, and that's what I wanted.  I talked to my PCP and my surgeon, and we all agreed it was what was best for me. 

My Barix Clinics Experience

From the first time I went to an information session, to the pre-op visits and testing, to my surgery -- I couldn't have asked for better care or people to be surrounded by.  I never felt ashamed or that I was being looked down upon - as you do sometimes in other places.  Everyone was always so pleasant and helpful. They were never annoyed at my questions. 

Everything was designed to make me feel good about the experience. From the chairs in the waiting room, to the nurse who walked me out after surgery... it was all an amazing experience. 

The online support group, with people who have gone through the same thing, at the same place, is invaluable. There is encouragement and support and honesty.  It's hard for me to make the regular support group meetings at the hospital, being so far away and a single parent --but the online group is always there. I have counted on them more times than I can count. 

I have always been encouraged by the nurses, my doctor, and the nutritionist at the follow up visits. They helped me if I was lacking somewhere; reassured me I was doing alright when I wasn't sure.  The newsletters give me info I may not have been thinking about and the recipes are amazing! 

Other than having my three girls, I had never had surgery. The nurses were amazing!  I was nervous just being there and they made me laugh while I waited for the surgery to start. They were always right there taking care of me.  As I made my laps in the hall, someone always smiled or encouraged me.  

My nutritionist has been phenomenal!! She has answered my questions, which I’m sure she's answered from others a million times, like it was no big deal.  She explained how to get different vitamins in. She checks in on me and is always a huge cheerleader. 

My Life After Surgery

My life is a total 180 since surgery. I am actually happy now. I'm not just pretending to be.  I have more than enough energy to keep up with my kids. So much energy, that I've run two 5K races... well, finished--ha ha. I am proud of myself. I am making really great choices most of the time.  Not 100%, because I'm human and not perfect.  I didn't set out to be perfect though, I just want to be better; healthy and happy. 

My girls think that I am strong. They see me participate and get involved. I wasn’t able to do any of that before surgery. I am setting a good example for my kids. They try new foods with me and they know there are certain things I don't eat or drink. They know that it's just not a diet or a fad I'm going through, but just the way Mom does it. They are so proud of me. 

Life is so much brighter now. There are days when I struggle, but I look at how far I've come and all that I've done and I know that I 100% made the right choice.

To Someone Considering Surgery

It’s not easy. It's not a quick fix. There are days when your mind gets all tangled up in the changes. If you know this is the step for you --do it. Trust the doctors and the support staff;  they are here to set you up for success. They will encourage you and give you all the information you need. BUT, you have to do the work, make the choices, and put in the effort.  If you do though, you won't regret a single moment. 

If you’re just starting to consider surgery, go to an informational meeting and go to a support group meeting. You’ll find an amazing group of people who will welcome you without judgment.

It will be the best decision you ever make.

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