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Gastric Sleeve  |  2013

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

Even at my highest weight I had a lot of energy, but I lived with constant pain in my back and knees and I had sleep apnea. I knew my high cholesterol levels were putting me at risk for heart disease. 

I wasn’t happy with myself—so disappointed with every picture I saw, but I just could not stop eating. Every glance in the mirror told me that something had to be done. 

Making the Decision
Getting closer to retirement, I knew if I was going to take control of my health, it had to be now. I checked out a lot of websites and read about all kinds of weight loss surgeries. I considered all of the options available and decided on the gastric sleeve surgery. The surgery was not as complex as the gastric bypass, yet would still be the tool I needed to help me control the amount of food I ate. 
My surgeon told me that it was in my best interest to lose some weight on my own before surgery. I lost 23# from the consult to my surgery date. 

My Barix Clinics Experience
All of my life I have avoided doctors and hospitals, so I was especially happy with the attentive care that I received while at Barix Clinics. They were not understaffed and were great at getting me up to walk. When my wife called for an update, they were very kind and supportive. I have to say this was a GREAT hospital experience--exceeding my expectations. 

My Life after Surgery
Life is great! I am very happy with the gastric sleeve. I watch what I eat and am able to stop eating when I have had enough. I run 1-3 miles each morning with my dog. My back and knees no longer hurt. I had a lot of energy before, but now I cannot sit still. I don’t mind anymore when people want to snap a picture.  I feel good about how I look. I have lost 93# since my consultation and I am still losing a year later. I have 11# to go to my personal weight goal and I have the confidence that I will reach it. 

What Would You Tell Someone Considering Surgery?
Do what your heart tells you. There is a GREAT life for you after the weight loss. If you’re scared, that is understandable, but just think about all the things you want to do but right now you can't. This life is GREAT and I love it.

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