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Martha C. – My Story

Gastric Sleeve |  2012

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

Before surgery, I felt that my weight problem was hopeless. My attitude changed when I got some information about bariatric surgery. I did some soul-searching about the fact that I’ve been addicted to junk food. 

I was really determined to cut out the sugar and starches which got me overweight in the first place. I decided on weight loss surgery purely for health reasons–I was suffered from severe joint and back pain and had pre-diabetes. 

Making the Decision

I was in a nursing home with four fractures in my low back. I woke up to the fact that being obese was making my pain worse. I decided I wanted bariatric surgery as soon as possible. 

My Barix Clinics Experience

My bariatric surgeon was very supportive before and after the surgery. I’ve found a niche leading the Saturday support group. I find it very helpful to meet with others who are on the same journey and support each other in making life-long changes to our diets. Sometimes a dietitian attends the meeting and answers all our pesky questions about artificial sweeteners, almonds, bread servings, peanut butter, and many other issues.

How My Life Has Changed

I’ve lost 150 pounds. My joint pain and diabetes are history. Sometimes I run into someone who doesn’t recognize me. People tell me I look terrific.

Being at a normal weight is wonderful! I can walk up stairs, go swimming at the beach, wear regular clothes, and sit in normal-size chairs. I don’t have to drive long distances to find a store selling large size clothes. It’s also a big plus in my profession as an attorney, since people take me more seriously when I’m not obese.

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery

With the surgery, it’s easy to lose weight the first few months, but to really get off the excess weight you absolutely must have a healthy diet and cut out the junk food.

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