Nora K. - My Story

Gastric Bypass  |  2005

My Life Before Surgery

I was depressed. I couldn’t enjoy life, family, the outdoors or walking my dogs because I was so tired. I had headaches, back pain, knee pain, shortness of breath, and high blood pressure.  I watched my husband and kids enjoying life. I wanted to participate too, but my body just didn’t allow it. 

Making the Decision  

My family doctor told me that my blood pressure was so high, even being on medications, that eventually I could have a stroke.  I was tired of being tired. I was ready to change. I knew with all my soul that this was the change I needed. I was a little nervous because this is a life change but with the staff and my family support, I knew I could move forward with my decision.

Surgery Option

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass was definitely my first and final decision.  I wanted a change and I was going all the way!

My Barix Clinics Experience

My experience was wonderful. I was very happy meeting the surgeon and staff. They informed me how the procedure worked, described my hospital stay and gave me directions for after care. Barix Clinics was awesome.  If I had questions about my journey, the staff was there for support.  I never felt alone.  Of course, I questioned myself and the diet at times but that is when my support team, Barix Clinics staff and friends would help.

Making Success Happen

I took control of my after care.  I knew this was a very important step for me to succeed.  I journaled, read up on post-op care and followed the healing procedures.  To this day, 11 years later, I still journal when I think I need to get back on track.  I still exercise on my treadmill.  I told myself 11 years ago that I was going to be successful; my change was permanent.

My Life After Surgery

I was reborn when I had this surgery! I have a new life. I lost 93# and I’m no longer taking any medication. I don't take my new energy, spirit, and my health for granted. My marriage was renewed, being married for 23 years now! My family learned about health and fitness and the best thing is I learned about the value of healthy food (cooking, eating and planting my own food). I have a healthy and happy spirit and am VERY proud of my decision!

To Those Considering Surgery

I was mentally, physically and emotionally ready for my new life!  Gastric bypass is great! The clinics are exceptional but the end result is up to the individual. I put in place a support team to guide me through this process.  I talked with gastric bypass patients who were successful and included them in my support team.  This is a life change and that is why I journal when needed, I exercise 3 days a week and I eat healthy.  I was told by someone that was negative about this surgery that I wouldn’t be able to eat hardly anything, I would be sickly and malnourished, and I was ruining my stomach. I took that advice as an incentive to make sure that I am healthy and make sure that didn’t happen to me. 

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