Rozanne K. - My Story

Gastric Bypass  |  2008

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

I went through life larger than my friends.  At age 8, I was known as the bigger girl down the street.  I had four children and with each one, my weight continued to climb.  Over the years, I tried all the diets.  I would lose a few pounds and then put those and a few more back on.  

I went to a doctor for diet shots and almost died.  I developed spinal stenosis and had two back surgeries.  I had asthma, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia.  I could hardly walk and had to have both of my knees replaced.  Exercise hurt--it hurt to walk at all.  

Making the Decision

With all of my medical problems and a weight of 291 pounds, I knew that I had to do something fast.  My youngest daughter was waiting to have gastric bypass surgery in Toronto.  She was in her third year of waiting. 

I searched the internet and found Barix Clinics.  I called and set up a consultation.  My husband went with me to the consultation.  We were sold.  I took the paperwork to my primary care physician and he submitted the paperwork right away.  I was approved in 3 weeks.  It all happened very fast.

How My Life Has Changed

Everywhere I go, people are congratulating me on my weight loss success telling me how terrific I look.  I am having a really good time buying nice clothing that I had previously only dreamed of.  But even more important, my diabetes is cured, my blood pressure is perfect, I no longer have sleep apnea,  and I don't use my cane or walker anymore--I push my granddaughter's stroller and really move it!     

My family doctor is so proud of how far I have come and is thrilled with my monthly check-ups.  Last month, he said, "You are just a shadow of your former self."  That felt so good. 

I can do so much more now.  I have just taken on babysitting my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and I have the energy to play outside with her.  We go for a big walk everyday and I am outside gardening while she plays on the swings.    

My life is 100% better than it has been for a very long time.  

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery

The care at the hospital was absolutely wonderful.  My every need was met and the nurses looked after me as if I was part of their family.  Actually, that is exactly how I felt during my time there--as if we were one big family. 

The follow-up continues as I receive the newsletter each month and phone calls from the dietitians.  Just being able to call anytime that I have questions has made it so much easier for me. 

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