Tery K. - My Story

Gastric Sleeve |  2012

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

Before surgery my life was pretty stagnant. I would pretty much drink every weekend, cook horrible processed foods, and eat WAY too much. I had no energy and definitely zero exercise. My father would repeatedly tell me I needed to lose weight for health reasons. Fortunately, he was the only person that really made me feel worse than I already was feeling about my weight.

Making the Decision

I have wanted the surgery to help me get my weight under control for a long time, but none of my insurances covered it until I started at my current position.

A co-worker of mine was in the beginning stages of getting the vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery and I asked her to come with me to my initial appointment.
After that first appointment, where I met my surgeon, I knew I was finally going to have the surgery.

My Barix Clinics Experience

All of the staff at the Barix Clinic were fantastic. They explained every step of the pre-surgery requirements and kept me in the loop with everything.

The morning of my surgery I was VERY nervous about having surgery (as I never had any surgery before) and the staff kept reassuring me I was going to do fine.

I really loved all of the nurses, especially the second night when I started getting gas pains. They reassured me that it would pass, kept it positive, and kept me up and walking.

How My Life Has Changed

I love my life after surgery! I am not a runner and have signed up for my first half marathon. I get so many compliments it’s really crazy.

I have so much energy.  I fit in movie seats and plane seats fit just fine with extra room.

I make healthy food choices and find ways to make bad food items healthy.

One of the biggest changes is my running. I stated running 6 months after surgery and walked/ran my first 5k.  I knew I could do better then that.  I even started a Facebook group for others who have had bariatric surgery that also found a love of running.  It’s an amazing support system.

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery

Stick to the program as much as you can. If you fall off track just know that tomorrow is a new day! You got this!

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