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Stacey M. – My Story

Gastric Sleeve  |  2009 

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

Life before surgery was full of hopelessness. I couldn’t keep up with my twin girls and I couldn’t do the things I wanted to, such as ride my horse.  I was attending a university for Equestrian Studies and I couldn’t practice what I was learning. 

I wanted to make a career of working with horses, but with my weight out of control that was impossible. I was depressed and miserable and the people around me felt it.

Making the Decision

I had begun some research into surgery, the different types and results, and I came across a support group in my city, Cambridge.  I went to a meeting and discovered almost 50 people who were going through or had gone through surgery. I was thrilled.  Many had gone to Barix and had nothing but positive things to say. I immediately called for a consultation and went to my doctor for help.

My Barix Clinics Experience

Barix has been spectacular! From the initial meeting where I met my surgeon to my surgery and follow up care, the professionalism has been exemplary. Every nurse and staff member was kind and knowledgeable…they made me feel cared for every step of this journey.The facility itself is so geared to making bigger people feel comfortable that you can’t help feeling welcome. Something as simple as a chair that you fit into or a gown that covers you completely means so much.

How My Life Has Changed

I’ve never felt in better health! There is nothing I can’t do now and I live that attitude every day. I’m active and exercise daily…you just can’t keep me still. I eat what my family does; we choose healthy food with ease now and are experimenting with different nutritious foods. Life is happy and I’ve never once regretted the choice of surgery.

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery

I suggest to everyone to research every surgery and choose the one that fits you best.  Go into this with a positive attitude and really be prepared to change your life. This is a tool, nothing more, but if you use this tool wisely…it will give you your life back! Follow the guidelines from your surgeon, trust in him, and finally…seek support from those around you.  My support group keeps me sane and on track and they aren’t afraid to kick my butt if I go off the rails! I love my surgery and so will you!

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