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"What a wonderful group of people, I have never felt so much a part of a family as the one I have at Barix.  I truly owe my new life to everyone on the team at Barix Clinics." -- JoAnne

What weight loss surgery could mean for you.

Are you ready for a journey towards a new life, free from the physical and emotional weight of obesity?

Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle, active and physically involved in all the things you want to do? 

Do you have big plans for your career?  Are there prospects you want the opportunity to explore?

Is there someone close to you or a special event coming up in your life you want to be your absolute healthiest for?

America’s Leader in Bariatric Surgery. 

Barix offers the latest innovations in minimally invasive laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, lap band, and laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgeries.

Barix Clinics, founded 30 years ago, is the first healthcare organization in the United States specifically to care for and provide treatment for the morbidly obese individual. Barix Clinics combined the skills and abilities of experienced, trained bariatric surgeons with acute care hospitals dedicated to caring for the special needs of bariatric patients. Barix Clinics developed a unique training program for bariatric surgeons, and every surgeon on staff, regardless of his or her previous experience in performing bariatric surgery, is required to complete this program. This requirement insures that every patient can be confident that his or her surgeon will operate using the same techniques and protocols which have enabled Barix to compile the best patient safety and outcomes record in the field of bariatric surgery.

Our patients continue to tell us and demonstrate to us how significantly their lives have changed:

  • they are enjoying their families and relationships more than ever,
  • many have seen improvements in their personal productivity and professional opportunities,
  • and almost all of them report that they are just happier individuals now that they have achieved a healthier lifestyle.

"I am over two years out of surgery and have lost a whole adult person off of my 4’9” frame.  All of my physical restrictions have been lifted.  All of my co-morbidities have been cured.  The last one, sleep apnea, just recently resolved itself". -- Jenise M.

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