2016 In Review

2016, like most years, seemed to just fly by. As the year winds down, I encourage you to sit down and reflect on the past months. Take time to think through the changes, events, happenings, and accomplishments of the year. What went really well or not-so-well? This simple exercise can help to set you up for goal-setting in 2017 that focuses on the things that are most important in your life. The time will be well-spent and, hopefully, you’ll find it to be both fun and inspiring.

With the crazy pace of life most of us live, we tend to forget many things almost immediately after they occur. In addition, many life changes are subtle and often not apparent until you put some thought to them. For these reasons, we’ve provided some tools to help jog your memory and gather basic information. Your planner or calendar will be helpful.

In the next two days, we’ll post two tools or methods for your year-end review exercise. Choose the one that best suits you or if you’re really inspired, do both.

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