Developing a Support Team

Getting the right support after bariatric surgery can enhance recovery and long-term success. The best way to get support is to explain what you need, why you need it–and to ask for it. It sounds easy, but real-life interpersonal relationships may make getting the support you need a little more challenging than that.

Support can come from all sorts of places: spouses, family members, co-workers, friends, your bariatric surgery team, support groups, and online resources. For many, it is helpful to develop support from more than one source–you’ll often get different kinds of support from each source. For example, your children may hop on board with healthier snacks and meal selections; your co-workers may provide fresh fruit in place of (or in addition to) cake for birthday celebrations; and a good friend may go for walks with you. Take a look at the different places where support may be available to and think through a strategy to strengthen the support in as many areas as you need.

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