Getting the RIGHT Amount of Protein

Your good health depends on getting the right amount of protein in your diet. Protein is used by the body in many ways as an essential part of muscles, hair, nails, hormones and enzymes.

To ensure that you get the right amount of protein, your Barix Clinics nutritionist will provide you with a protein goal. This is an optimal level of protein to help your body meet its needs. If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, your body will break down its internal store—your muscles. A lower muscle mass slows metabolism, making it harder to reach and maintain weight loss goals. On the other hand, getting too much protein can provide excess calories and stress the body.

The way in which you reach your protein goal will most likely change over time. Right after surgery, intake is very limited and protein supplements are a main protein source. As food options expand, a transition from protein drinks to lean meat, fish, poultry and dairy products usually takes place. There is not a specific food combination or meal plan required. Protein is found in a variety of healthy foods so you will be able to combine your favorite protein-containing foods into six small meals to fit your food preferences and lifestyle.

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About Deb Hart

Deb Hart is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. For the last 28 years, she has been helping bariatric surgery patients reach their health and weight goals. She teaches people how to set up a lifestyle that supports a healthy weight. Deb set up her own lifestyle to include lots of long walks with her furry family members, workout classes at her local wellness center, meal prepping, and finding new ways to enjoy foods without added sugar.
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