Healthy Gatherings

Gatherings can make it especially hard to treat yourself in healthy ways. If you take a little time to plan ahead, you’ll avoid being stuck in a tempting situation that you are not prepared to handle.

Going to a gathering

  • Take a no-added-sugar treat to share. You’ll have something to enjoy that doesn’t blow your eating plan.
  • Select a few of your favorite foods–fewer food items on your plate means you’ll eat less.
  • Nourish throughout the day. Rather than skipping meals with the thought of saving up calories, keep to your typical eating schedule. Six small protein-rich meals will help you thrive during the holidays.
  • Hydrate and balance if you are consuming alcohol–alternate with a glass of water to make sure you don’t overdo.
  • Bring your own favorite low-calorie drink—maybe even enough to share.
  • Sometimes just a bite is all you really need. Keep it to just a bite by snitching from someone else or take a bite and put your napkin over the rest.
  • Focus on the people, not food. It’s nice to just sit back and watch the positive interactions as they take place.

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