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How to Choose the Right Multi

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Deb Hart

How to Choose the Right Multi

Eating right and taking proper vitamin and mineral supplements consistently are key to your health after surgery. For individual recommendations, ask your bariatric surgeon or nutritionist. Select the right supplements for you based on nutritional adequacy, taste, cost, and convenience. Here’s how some of the leading supplements stack up. If you’d like to take something different, use the label to fill in the last column and make sure it’s got the bases covered.

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Daily ValueASMBS GuidelinesFlintstones Complete Chew (2)Centrum Chew (2)Bariatric Fusion Soft Chew (2)Bariatric Fusion Capsule (1)Compare Another Option
Approximate Cost Per Day$ 0.25$0.20$1.00$0.53
Vitamin A5000 IU5000-10,000 IU6000 IU900 IU7,500 IU2250 IU
Vitamin C60 mg120 mg120 mg180 mg180 mg
Vitamin D 3400 IUAt least 3000 IU1200  IU800 IU3000 IU75 IU
Vitamin E30 IU15 IU60 IU27 IU30 IU20 IU
Vitamin K80 mcg90-120 mcg110 mcg20 mcg
Vitamin B 1 (Thiamin)1.5 mgAt least 12 mg3 mg3 mg12 mg12 mg
Vitamin B 2 (Riboflavin)1.7 mg3.4 mg3.4 mg1.7 mg1.7 mg
Niacin20 mg30 mg40 mg20 mg20 mg
Vitamin B 62 mg4 mg4 mg2 mg2 mg
Biotin300 mcg80 mcg90 mcg600 mcg800 mcg
Pantothenic Acid10 mg20 mg20 mg10 mg10 mg
Folic Acid400 mcg400-800 mcg(800-1000 childbearing)800 mcg800 mcg800 mcg600 mcg
Vitamin B 126 mcg350-500 mcg12 mcg12 mcg560 mcg560 mcg
Calcium1000 mg1200-1500 mg)200 mg216 mg100 mg
Iron18 mg18 mg (45-60 mg (female or hx anemia)36 mg16 mg45 mg
Phosphorus1000mg100 mg
Iodine150 mcg300 mcg300 mcg150 mcg150 mcg
Magnesium400 mg80 mg50 mg100 mg
Zinc15 mg8-11 mg24 mg30 mg15mg30 mg
Selenium70 mcg0070 mcg70 mcg
Copper2 mg1-2 mg4 mg4 mg2 mg
Chromium120 mcg040 mcg120 mcg120 mcg
Molybdenum75 mcg040 mcg75 mcg75 mcg
Potential Additional Supplements Needed
Calcium Citrate1000-1300 mg1000-1300 mg1100-1400 mg1200-1500 mg
Vitamin D 31800 IU2200 IUNot needed2925 IU
Sublingual Vitamin B 12500 mcg500 mcg500 mcg500 mcg
Iron – check with your nutritionistMaybeMaybeYesNo




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Deb Hart

Deb Hart is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. For the last 28 years, she has been helping bariatric surgery patients reach their health and weight goals. She teaches people how to set up a lifestyle that supports a healthy weight. Deb set up her own lifestyle to include lots of long walks with her furry family members, workout classes at her local wellness center, meal prepping, and finding new ways to enjoy foods without added sugar.

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