Keep Your Holiday Stress-Free

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can bring added stress. Excess stress can zap your energy and steal your joy. Treat yourself to a stress-free season this year.

  • Take several meditative moments each day to clear your mind and breathe deeply.  Finish each meditative moment by thinking of one thing you are grateful for.
  • It’s okay to say no. Don’t over-schedule or overspend–bow out of projects, gift buying, and commitments that you are not passionate about.
  • Allow time for a brisk walk, yoga class or another form of exercise that you enjoy. It will help you beat holiday stress, sleep better, and keep your calorie balance in line.
  • Enjoy quiet time in a candlelit room. Make the time extra special by sipping on a mug of sugar-free apple cider garnished with a cinnamon stick. If you need a protein boost, heat up milk and add no-added-sugar cocoa mix and garnish with a sugar-free candy cane.

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