Lists Rule

Make a List. A grocery shopping list will expedite your time in the store and make sure you have the right foods on hand for the week’s menu. Just as important, having and sticking with a shopping list will help you avoid buying items you don’t need. When you’re organized, you’ll shop once for the week and save time since you won’t need to make multiple trips to the store for items you forgot. You’ll want to:

  • Start with your weekly menu and recipes so you’ll be sure to buy the necessary ingredients.
  • Keep an ongoing list in your kitchen so you can add items as you run out.
  • Organize your shopping list by sections or better yet, by the path you travel through the store.
  • Stock up on frozen or nonperishable sale items, such as, canned fruits packed in juice or water, frozen fruits without added sugar, frozen vegetables, and canned beans.

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