Obesity Is Second To Smoking As A Risk Factor For Cancer.

Smoking, Obesity, Alchohol and Cancer

While smoking is clearly the largest cause of cancer (especially when combined with heavy drinking) that can be controlled, excess weight also increases the risk for many forms of cancer.  Although this study was conducted inEngland, they experience similar rates of overweight and obesity as theUnited States.

This study found that obesity causes about 17,000 cancer cases each year! The most common forms of cancer linked to excess weight are breast, colorectal, kidney, uterine and pancreatic cancer.

Fat cells are surprisingly active in releasing hormones that make cells divide more frequently, increasing the risk of cancer forming.

Take away messages: 

  • Don’t smoke
  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • Don’t drink alcohol in excess

One more benefit to having bariatric surgery that is often overlooked. 

Read the entire report.  


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