Fitness Friday

It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself.

You need to put in the time. Change does not just happen. It is the result of consistent effort over time. What can you commit to today, next week, next month? Make a commitment. Put in the time. The results will happen.

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Motivation Monday

Be Stubborn About Your Goals and Flexible with Your Methods

More effective than setting a weight goal (something you cannot directly control) is setting behavior goals. Your goals could include meeting your protein goal daily, walking 10,000 steps a day, avoiding added sugars, etc.

There are many ways to reach the same goal. If one isn’t working for you, don’t give up on your goal, but change your path.

For example, perhaps you’ve had an injury that is keeping you off of your feet. You may look for chair exercises that you can do in place of the walking you typically do for exercise.

Or perhaps you have to travel for work. Rather than being at the mercy of airline food,  take easy-traveling snacks with you to insure you are able to meet your protein goal and eating six small meals.

What goals have you set and how have you found flexible ways to meet those goals?

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Fitness Friday

Stay Determined

It’s easy to lose your focus with all of the holiday activities. Be flexible–if your typical exercise schedule isn’t working,  find different ways to work in movement during this busy time. Walk in place or hop on a stationary bike or treadmill during the TV commercials. Go to the mall and get an early morning walk in before the crowds gather. Use that lunch break to get in a few steps.

You’ve got a goal, right? If not, here’s a good place to start. Stay very determined to meet that goal–but be flexible with you get there. Life isn’t a straight road, learn to take the curves in stride.


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Holiday Activity

It’s important to keep active while you’re prepping for and enjoying the holidays. Include some good cardio or strength training sessions when you can and focus on those holiday activities that get you up and going. Although not the same as a heart-pumping workout, simply walking or moving helps keep your circulation, muscles, bones and metabolism working properly. Here are a few ways to move more this holiday season.

Download Healthful Tips: Holiday Activity

Shopping. It’s old fashioned, but hit the stores and do at least some of your shopping off-line this year. It’s amazing the number of steps you can log zipping through the stores hunting for that perfect gift. To get an even better workout, park at the end of the parking lot, take the stairs, and make extra trips to your car to drop off bags. First thing in the morning is often the best time to miss the crowds.

Cleaning. Do an extra deep clean in anticipation of having guests or to create a comfortable haven for yourself. All the stretching, pushing, scrubbing, and lifting uses muscles in different ways. Put on some upbeat tunes and devote a good chunk of time to making your home shine. You may even find that house cleaning can be aerobic.

Food Prep. The holidays bring lots of opportunities to prepare food for gatherings, as gifts or for your daily meals and snacks. If you choose to cook in rather than eat out, you’ll reap the benefits of the time spent on your feet moving around the kitchen. It also puts you firmly in control of what’s in the food you eat—a great time to try healthier versions of your favorite holiday recipes.

Holiday Run/Walk. Gather your fit friends and family members and sign up for a holiday walk/run in your community–all the better if the proceeds benefit a worthy cause. What a great tradition to start. If you’re not up to that, go for a walk through your neighborhood and check out the holiday decorations—every step counts.

Holiday TV. If you love the holiday shows and stations, the negative effects of sitting and watching TV can be eased by pacing, hopping on a stationary bike, or lifting light weights during the commercials.

This holiday season, eat right and keep moving. You’ll feel more energetic and be in good shape to start the New Year.

Calories Burned Per 30 Minutes (based on a 185# person)

Sleeping 28 calories
TV Watching 33 calories
Cooking 111 calories
Decorating 155 calories
Shopping 160 calories
Walking 200 calories
Heavy Cleaning 200 calories
Shoveling 266 calories
Sledding 311 calories
Bicycling 355 calories

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Motivation Monday

Grow Through What You Go Through

The changes that occur after weight loss surgery are so much more than the ones the scale shows. Relationships with food change. Relationships with people change. You may feel more confident–more willing to open yourself up to the world. What positive, growing experiences have you had since surgery?


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