Stay Active While Traveling

Stay Active.

Be prepared by researching your travel route (if going by car) and destination for activity options, and by packing comfortable active wear and shoes.

If you routinely track your steps, keep up this practice. If not, this is a great time to start.  Short walks, long walks and everything in between count as you work towards a daily step goal. Here are some thoughts to keeping your feet moving:

  • If you’re driving and the weather is nice, take a break at a park with walking trails. If the weather’s not cooperating, find a mall to walk.
  • Airports make a great walking track. Be sure you’re dressed comfortably with the right shoes. Leave your bag with a traveling companion while waiting for your flight and make a lap or two through the secured area. Traveling alone? No problem: put everything in an easy rolling bag and pull it behind you.
  • At your destination, do your sightseeing by foot. Park the car and walk or rent a bike to explore.

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