Turning Back the Hands of Time with Weight Loss Surgery

“Obesity has an adverse effect on health, causes premature aging and reduces life expectancy. This is the first study to show that surgical weight loss may be able to reverse the effects.”

It’s widely known that gastric bypass surgery has an array of positive heath effects. This recent study confirms earlier findings about these health improvements—a loss of 71% excess weight, a drop of 60% in  chronic inflammation, and a four-fold drop in fasting insulin within 12 months of surgery.

The researchers went on to find that there was a difference in telomeres after surgery. Telomeres are genetic biomarkers that get shorter as you age or if you have a chronic disease. These study patients actually saw an increase in the length of telomeres, indicating a younger cellular age and less risk for age-related diseases.

Not only do you feel younger after surgery, but you really are!


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