The High Cost of Obesity

  • Do you know how much people spend on ineffctive weight loss programs every year?
  • Have you ever invested in wieght loss programs only to spend thousands of dollars on meals and supplements that just don't have any long term reuslts?
  • If you are currently on medications of any kind due to your weight, you know how much time and money you are wasting at the pharmacy?
  • Have you ever had to use up precious vacation time, or even lost productive hours of paying work due to weight related health issues?
  • Are you suffering from injusries or pain related to being overweight?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably spending more time and money than you may be aware of on your weight related health issues.

Put the money back in your pocket.  Use your time on activities you have only dreamed about!

Each year, our insurance specialists help thousands of people get approved by their health insurance plans. Barix Clinics' program team will help you with the pre-approval process and answer all your questions. Many insurers recognize the long-term benefits of our program, and their approval process can be routine. Others are just becoming aware and may require more effort from you.

If your employer's health insurance does not cover bariatric surgery, you may still have options. For example, your spouse's plan may provide coverage and you may be able to sign up during the next open enrollment period. Or, you may have success making an appeal to your insurance company. Some of our patients have even made a career choice based on whether a company covered bariatric surgery. It pays to be smart, and it pays to be diligent. Especially when it can lead to a healthier life.

Let's not let cost stand in the way of improving your health. Our team of insurance specialists is dedicated to helping you find a way to focus on your own health and success rather than how to best work with your health insurance provider.

Whether you have the opportunity to utilize health insurance or our Advance Payment Option, we'll support your efforts so you can spend a minimum of effort.

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