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Mary Ann M. – My Story

Gastric Bypass  |  2000

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

I was just short of my 57th birthday and had Type 2 diabetes. My main problem with diabetes was the circulation in my legs, which was so bad I was afraid I would need my legs amputated. I was on three different types of medicine and the more they gave, the more weight I gained. It was getting out of control.

Making the Decision
My doctor recommended Barix. The day I went in to Barix I was so comfortable with the way they made me feel, with just the way they had their offices set up. The chairs were so comfortable. They took into consideration that we were large people and couldn’t fit into small seats.

The next day I talked to my boss and I said, “Well, I’m going to have the surgery but I am not sure if I should go to Barix or somebody closer to home.” He looked at me and said, “Mary Ann, aren’t they specialists? If you had a heart problem wouldn’t you go to a specialist?” I realized, Barix specializes in the surgery I want and I want an expert taking care of me. Why would I choose anybody other than a specialist? Because of my diabetes I wanted people who knew what they were doing, not a fly-by-night operation. I had to choose people whom I felt confident with.

How My Life Changed
I would not be here it weren’t for Barix Clinics. They not only saved my life, they gave me a quality life. I look at my hands and because I’m no longer a diabetic, I no longer have to prick my finger three times a day. The surgery was nothing compared to what I was going through on a day-to-day basis. Since the day I had surgery I have been off all three of my diabetic medicines. I have lost 100 pounds.

I was always the family photographer. I have twins and when they were growing up, I never took pictures with them because I was embarrassed. I didn’t want to see what I looked like. Now I look at the albums and unfortunately my kids don’t have any pictures of me. But at least they will have pictures of me as a grandmother!

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery
I would do this over again in a heartbeat. Barix Clinics is like my extended family. I didn’t expect to make as mangy good friends as I have through their support system. Barix means my life.

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