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Nicole C. – My Story

Gastric Bypass  | 2001

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

I was heavy my entire life.  During high school, I was able to keep my weight at 200 pounds because I played sports year round.  After high school, my weight went to 285 pounds and stayed there no matter what I did to try to lose weight.

I’ve had three children.  I gained 25 pounds with each pregnancy and then went right back to my set weight.  When I went on a medically supervised 850 calorie diet, I only lost 20 pounds and then the day that I stopped I gained 5 pounds.  I went through my family physician, did the soup diet, the grapefruit diet, a high protein diet, excessive exercise, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig-none of them worked.  Over the years, I am sure that I spent over $10,000 on weight loss programs and special foods-all with no results.

Everything from my waist down ached on a daily basis.  I was tired, limited in my physical activity, and intolerant of the summer heat.   The podiatrist wanted to do surgery on my feet.  I went to a chiropractor for my back pain.  I couldn’t sleep comfortably because my hips ached.  I wore ankle braces for support.  I felt old. 

My kids wanted me to be outside with them, but I just couldn’t stand the heat and I was exhausted at the end of my work day.

I hated clothes shopping so much that I wore my clothing until it fell apart.  My husband had to push me to go and buy new clothing.  Nothing ever fit right and walking into the plus size stores was such a demeaning experience. 

Making the Decision

I researched the surgery and took a year to make the decision.  I knew that I needed a procedure that addressed how my body used the food that I ate. 

One of the the biggest fears that I had to overcome was how I would look and feel at a healthy weight.  I had been overweight my entire life and I didn’t know what to expect from life at a healthy weight.  I wondered if it would change me as a person. 

The biggest reason for me to have surgery was that I was tired and in so much pain – and only 28 years old.  I wondered how I would feel in 20 years if something didn’t change drastically.

How My Life Has Changed

There are so many changes.  I can mow the yard without sweating.  I have enough energy to have a life with my family after work.  I get out and  play with the kids instead of napping.

I feel better about myself.  My relationships have improved.  I am not so critical of others.  I am happier.  Just not feeling pain makes a big difference.  It is hard to keep a good disposition when your body hurts all the time. 

I received a promotion at work. 

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery 

I was afraid about how my personality would change.  But, it didn’t.  I’m still me.  I’m just happier.  

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