Apples…better for you than you knew

An Apple a Day

Apples have long been used as an icon for healthy eating, and scientists have uncovered a very good reason to make sure that you do have an apple a day—specifically a Granny Smith apple.

New studies continue to validate the importance of the number and balance of bacteria in the intestines of an individual for a variety of healthy reasons including weight. Previous studies on mice have shown that when you implant the intestinal bacteria of an obese mouse into a thin one, the thin mouse becomes obese. Who knew that bacteria could be responsible for so much?

This recent study found that Granny Smith apples are a good source of nondigestible compounds that help to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. The apples were fed to mice and the fecal bacteria composition of obese mice changed to be similar to that of lean mice.

Scientists are sure to continue to look in this direction to find ways to keep us healthy—finding that after all…we are what we eat.

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