Building a Better Lunch: Post 5

Put a little extra effort into your lunches for some extra pizzazz. Here are some ideas to keep your lunch hour fresh and exciting.  

California wrap—Mix together chopped ham, shredded low-fat cheese, lettuce, tomato and low-fat Italian dressing.  Wrap in a whole-wheat tortilla just prior to serving.

Chicken salad—Make your favorite low-fat version and eat it by itself, in pita bread, wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla, with a few crackers or on light bread.

Fluff—Gotta love this quick easy lunch or snack treat.  Sprinkle sugar-free gelatin powder on fat-free cottage cheese and add a couple tablespoons of sugar-free Cool Whip.  Mix together and you have a high-protein treat.  Add fruit if desired.

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