Double Activity Level with One Simple Tool


Double Activity Level with One Simple Tool

Keeping up a healthy activity level is challenging for many. One simple tool can help you double your steps. Use a pedometer. Pedometers are an effective and inexpensive way to help you increase your activity.  This was confirmed by aNew Zealandstudy of seniors published in the Annals of Family Medicine.

The seniors studied were encouraged to engage in 30 minutes of activity a day. Some were given pedometers and some were not. Those utilizing the pedometers logged almost twice the daily steps as those who did not.

One of the researchers hypothesized, “Pedometers allowed users to check their progress throughout the day against activity goals they had set for themselves.”

This is an easy strategy to implement. After purchasing a pedometer (I like the DigiWalker—see link below), wear it for a week to get a baseline. Then add a goal of 1000-2000 steps per day for the next week. And continue to increase your weekly goal until you are consistently walking between 10,000 and 15,000 steps daily. Every 2,000 steps equals approximately 1 mile. Logging your progress helps you to meet your goals too.

DigiWalker Pedometers

Source:  HealthDay


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