Eat Right This Summer

Eat Right. Summer activities can keep you moving so much that it is more challenging to find the time to plan meals/snacks and grocery shop. Don’t skip these important strategies to keep your food intake on target. Instead simplify and make a food plan that you can repeat. Stick to six small protein-rich meals and be sure to look ahead for upcoming gatherings so you can take a healthy food item or two to share.

Picnics, Potlucks, and Cookouts. One of the best things about summer is gathering with friends and family on the deck or at a park to enjoy food and fun.  These events are easy to navigate if you are armed with a “can do” attitude and the right foods and drinks on hand.

  • Take your own drinks. You might want to “treat” yourself to a sugar-free tropical drink garnished with fresh fruit or a glass of sugar-free margarita mix with a lime (leave out the tequila). Calorie-free does not have to mean boring.
  • Take a dish and/or dessert to pass that you know is on your plan.
  • Feel free to say no to when someone offers you an unhealthy option.
  • Focus on people and activities more than food.
  • Take your own lean protein options for the grill. Think fresh fish, shrimp, marinated chicken breast, lean pork, beef tenderloin, and black bean or turkey burgers.
  • Select fresh fruit and vegetables for sides.

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