Summer Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats. Summer just isn’t summer without a frozen concoction here and there or a s’more to complete the campfire. Alternatives to your favorite summer treat are available without much extra effort.

  • Many ice cream shops have sugar-free options available. DQ offers an orange cream bar and fudgesicle without added sugar. Frozen yogurt is often available in a sugar-free version with fresh fruit toppings. Baskin Robbins and other chains have sugar-free ice cream versions too.
  • Better yet, make your own protein-rich ice cream. Really—this is worth the effort.
  • Even s’mores can be adapted to fit your post-surgery eating plan. Simply start with 1 graham cracker square, add a sugar-free Hershey’s mini bar and a perfectly golden campfire roasted sugar-free marshmallow, then top with another graham cracker square.
  • A big bowl of chocolate mousse may become a family gathering favorite. No one will guess that it is sugar-free.

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