Fall Activity

Crisp air, beautiful fall foliage, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the brilliance of nature can motivate you to get outside, embrace the season and start or continue your fitness routine. Opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities abound, making it a great time to get off the sidelines and try something new. As a bonus, you’ll have your routine set up for the upcoming holiday season and winter months too.

If you have school-aged kids, fall brings a flurry of school and after-school activities. You may have to adjust your workout schedule accordingly. Working out in the morning starts your day off right and getting up an hour early gets a little easier when daylight saving time ends (November 2).  Just be sure to head to bed earlier to compensate. You can also work in your exercise while the kids are at their activities. Instead of sitting on the bleachers waiting for them, walk. Another solution may be to work out a car pool schedule so you have an evening or two off to do your own thing.

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