How to Get Support

Support is more likely to happen if you work to develop it, rather than just hoping it will occur. People are often willing to support your efforts to improve your health, but don’t always know how to best support you. If not guided, their support can turn into not-so-helpful practices like policing every morsel that you put into your mouth or, on the other extreme, over-concern for the smaller amounts of food you’re eating.

In general, be honest and share your hopes, goals, and needs with those you’d like support from. Clearly express your gratitude in advance for their help. Share information about your surgery: how you expect it to improve your health and well-being, and how it will change your eating behaviors and lifestyle. If you have not yet had surgery, think through (and ask others who have already had surgery) what challenges you are likely to face.

On Track with Barix Newsletter:  Developing a Support Team

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