Grazing Busters

Do This, Not That

Grazing and mindless munching are common pre-surgery habits that can creep back in if you’re not alert. The pouch and sleeve are unfortunately quite accommodating to this type of eating, but eating this way can add a substantial number of calories and derail your weight loss efforts.

Take physical hunger out of the picture by making sure you’re eating six small protein-rich meals that are ¼ cup to 1 cup in size throughout the day—about every 2.5 to 3 hours. Then sip on calorie-free beverages between meals. If nighttime grazing is challenge for you, be sure to plan a more substantial meal for that time. It’s okay to eat after 7:00 PM.

Feelings of boredom, frustrations, stress, loneliness and depression often trigger grazing.

When you feel the urge to eat and it’s not mealtime, pause for 5 – 10 minutes and often the feeling will pass. Asking yourself a couple of questions during this pause may help you to identify your feelings and begin to develop new, healthier coping mechanisms. What am I feeling now? What do I need?

There are a lot of activities that can distract you from grazing. When you get the urge, try one of these and see if you can’t break the habit.

turn off the TV  |  go for a walk |  read a book  |  take a bubble bath  |  clean out a closet  |  call a buddy  |  turn on some happy tunes  |  do a jigsaw puzzle  |  volunteer  |  play with your kids  |  go to the library  |  plan a trip  |  go to the mall  |  do crossword puzzles  | play a game  |  learn to knit  |  paint a room  |  plan a family reunion  |  clean out the garage  |  have a garage sale  |  get a fun part-time job  | hop on a treadmill  |  have a cup of sugar-free cider  |  chew sugar-free gum  |   create a music play list  |  organize old photos |  visit a museum  |  declutter  |  take a nap  |  practice a few yoga moves  |  walk your dog  | play with your dog  |  drink a cup of tea  |  listen to a meditation |  take a shower  |  organize your desk  |  draw, paint or color  |  dance  |  do jumping jacks or run in place  |  make a card for someone else  |  donate all the clothes that don’t fit  |  brush your teeth  |  post positive notes |  make a list of why you rock  |  light a candle and relax  |  drink a glass of water  |  play solitaire  |  read positive affirmations  |  write out your personal goals for the week  |  picture an energetic you  |  get a massage  |  make a to-do list  |  feel your feelings  |  take five slow cleansing breaths  |  count your blessings

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