High Protein Options For Regular Foods

Regular Foods
Solid meats (chicken, pork, beef, etc) can now be added to the diet. High-protein foods (lean meat / fish / poultry and low-fat dairy products) may begin to replace protein drinks. Many people choose to include a protein drink daily as one of their six meals. Be sure to build your diet around high-protein foods and eat six small meals. Well-tolerated foods include:

▪ Soft, moist meats. Slow-cookers are a great cooking method;
▪ Baked fish, shrimp, crab, tuna, lobster;
▪ Lean deli meats;
▪ Eggs;
▪ Low fat (2% milk) cheeses, Laughing Cow Light cheese, Babybel Light cheese, cheese sticks, cottage cheese;
▪ Yogurt, Greek yogurt;
▪ Low-fat milk;
▪ Soup;
▪ Beans;
▪ Lean meat and low-fat cheese roll-ups.

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