Are you Hungry?

Part of intentional eating is to tune into your body’s needs. It’s hard to discern hunger signals when hurried and distracted. Is it hunger or fatigue? Is it hunger or anger? Is it hunger or boredom? If you eat when you are tired, you’ll just be full and tired. Your body needs rest, not food. If you eat when you are angry, you’ll be full and angry. Food only satisfies when it is consumed in response to hunger. Hunger signals are often especially hard to discern after weight loss surgery. If you don’t feel hunger, eating small frequent meals, about every 2 ½ hours, can help insure that you’re eating when you need to. If you feel the urge to eat between these meals, stop and listen to what your body is telling you. Do your best to respond by giving it what it needs, not to numb it with food.

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