Move More and Live Longer

Move More and Live Longer

I’m not sure that we needed another study to tell us this, but we got it anyway. A new study found that sitting too much is a serious health threat. The study found that Americans are inactive about 55% of the time (I would have guessed the amount of time to be much greater, actually).

The study projected that if you can keep your sitting time to less than three hours a day, you will live an additional two years. Cutting TV viewing to less than two hours a day should add 1.4 years to your life.

I know from personal experience, and I am sure that you do too—if you move more you feel better, have more energy and sleep better at night. The more I sit, the less energy I have, the less creative I am, and the more my back and neck hurt. That idea of a treadmill desk needs to go mainstream.

The study can be found online: BMJ Open

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