Weight Loss Surgery and Diabetes Study

Weight Loss Surgery and Diabetes Study

A new study found that ninety-two percent of patients had a reversal of their type 2 diabetes after gastric bypass surgery. Those who lost the most weight and maintained that weight loss had the best opportunity to keep their diabetes at bay for a period of 3-5 years after surgery; 79% were able to do just that.

Interestingly, the sooner obese people with type 2 diabetes had bariatric surgery after diagnosis, the better chance they had of keeping it in remission. Those who have a long history of type 2 diabetes are less able to keep the disease in remission.

Many Barix patients state that their only regret with weight loss surgery is that they wished they had done it sooner. This study provides a firm reason not to delay having weight loss surgery if you suffer from both obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Read the release from the Endocrine Society.


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