Prepare for Reconstructive Surgery–Spotlight Nutrition

Take steps ahead of time to insure that your nutritional status is optimal and your body is in the best shape possible for your upcoming surgery. You’ll be rewarded with a faster healing time, less risk of infection, and potentially more pleasing results.

  • Put the spotlight on nutrition. You’ll want to be sure to eat right, take supplements as recommended, and monitor lab work. The most common deficiencies seen in those considering reconstructive surgery are protein, iron, and vitamin B-12. It takes a while for your body to replenish stores—so keep on top of this. You’ll want to bump up your protein intake 1 month before surgery and continue with this level of protein intake until 1 month post-op. You can ask your Barix Nutritionist for a new goal or use this formula: your weight in pounds x 0.68 = grams of protein per day.

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