Stay Accountable

Stay accountable. Monitor your weight weekly and take action if it rises above a specific number. Taking measurements can be helpful to see progress when you hit a plateau or start a new fitness program which can cause the scale to stall. Use a food and activity log or app to maintain a better understanding of your energy balance (calories in and out). A pedometer is a great way to monitor how much you move. Use a buddy system, support groups, or online support for additional accountability.

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About Deb Hart

Deb Hart is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. For the last 28 years, she has been helping bariatric surgery patients reach their health and weight goals. She teaches people how to set up a lifestyle that supports a healthy weight. Deb set up her own lifestyle to include lots of long walks with her furry family members, workout classes at her local wellness center, meal prepping, and finding new ways to enjoy foods without added sugar.
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