Food in the Spotlight – Bumble Bee Tuna Selections


Bumble Bee Jalapeno bBumble Bee Tuna bBumble Bee Spicy Thai Tuna b






Shredded canned meats are often forgotten as affordable, protein-pack snacks and meal components! Shredded canned meats such as tuna and chicken are appropriate for most phases of the Barix bariatric surgery recovery diet including Pureed Foods, Soft Foods, and Regular Foods diet phases. When consuming canned meats during the Pureed Foods phase, be sure to thoroughly cut up the meat to ease digestion. If you already add canned meats to your diet and are looking for some variety in your protein check out Bumble Bee flavored selections. In addition to plain light tuna packed in water, they feature Lemon and Pepper, Chipotle, Jalapeno (pictured), Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil, and Spicy Thai Chili (pictured). These individual 2.5 ounce shelf-stable servings provide 12-15 grams of protein for only 60-80 calories! You can also find 4oz canned selections at your local grocery store for preparing multiple servings.

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